iFHP November 2023 Executive Briefing 

Diagnostic Robotics | Transforming Healthcare: Generative AI and Preventive Care on a Massive Scale

Monday 6 November  | 45 mins + Q&A

Two identical sessions. First: 07.00 UK | 08.00 CET | 09.00 SAST | 11.00 UAE  I 18.00 AST | 20:00 NZT  

Second: 11.30 West Coast | 14.30 East Coast | 19.30 UK | 20.30 CET  I 21.30 SAST


Our speaker, Dr. Kira Radinsky, CEO and CTO of Diagnostic Robotics is a renowned innovator who co-founded SalesPredict, later acquired by Ebay, and who developed predictive algorithms that were used to predict globally impactful events such as the Cuba epidemic in 2013. Recognised by MIT and Forbes, and celebrated as Woman of the Year in Israel for her contributions to the country, she often speaks at major tech conferences, serves on boards and is a visiting professor at Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology.

Diagnostic Robotics are pioneers in the development and use of AI technologies for accessible healthcare.

Diagnostic Robotics develops tailored care path recommendations and streamlined patient triage and navigation. By analysing healthcare claims and lab results, Diagnostic Robotics enables healthcare providers to offer more personalized and efficient care. 

Diagnostic Robotics is also heavily aligned with the principles and practice of value-based healthcare. 

In this presentation, Dr Kira Radinsky will discuss how generative AI and deep learning enable the Diagnostic Robotics platform to deliver actionable insights and tools, that enable care providers to focus on achieving exceptional patient care, improving clinical outcomes, and reducing preventable care costs.

iFHP is delighted to be able to present this webinar by Dr Kira Radinsky.

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