iFHP BIG Ideas Week | Europe

28 - 30 June 2022 | Athens, Greece 

iFHP's BIG Ideas Week is coming to Athens in June, and bringing a programme of thought-provoking talks, workshops and plenty of discussion around 3 big themes that are shaping the future of healthcare:

- Harnessing AI, digital and data in the new customer experience - learn where and how data is successfully driving pathway optimisation, population segmentation, precision healthcare and how data is helping to scale up pilot projects with powerful results. Learn from case studies how data interoperability can be pursued and achieved, and how linked data ecosystems accelerate and enhance business and care efficiency.

- Empowering the health consumer - take an in-depth look at how tech-enabled customer centricity achieves measurable health improvements, and what strategies have been developed to engage patients to great effect in their health and care journey. 

- New models of care - investigate the promise and reality of the digital tools that can create safe and effective care settings away from the hospital. Review examples of both pilot projects and scaled-up implementation

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nSpeakers and workshops

Our speakers are the experts and innovators whose vision and energy are moving today's BIG Ideas from the realm of concept into future reality. Just as Rome was not built in a day, the world of tomorrow will also take time to build. Everyone present, every speaker and every delegate, holds a piece of the puzzle that will help create the healthcare ecosystem that is emerging from today's Big Ideas. The event is therefore explicitly designed to allow for plenty of interaction, discussion and workshopping, to enable Ideas to propagate and prosper.


BIG Ideas Week offers an unmissable opportunity for executives tasked with strategy, technology, data analysis & science, provider relations, customer experience and commercial operations to collaborate with each other and with the expert speakers, and to explore the big ideas shaping the future of healthcare and healthcare funding.  


There will be opportunities to scope and develop projects around remote care and we will discuss joint data projects. 

Please note this is the second in our series of regional Big Ideas Weeks. Further events at other locations and later dates will be announced soon.

Registration for BIW Europe is €1,750 / £1,475 including 3 nights at the St George Lycabettus Hotel

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Meet our speakers

Janette Hughes

Janette Hughes | Director of Planning & Performance | Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre

Janette has over 20 years' experience in Design, Innovation, Economic Development and Programme Management. Her focus over the last 10 years has been on Digital Health and Wellness leading various high-profile innovation projects in Scotland, including the Wellness and Health Innovation Project. Janette has also been involved with two major Innovate UK backed programmes including the Scottish DALLAS programme which pioneered a Digital wellness platform and applications. Janette has a thorough understanding of this sector and how service, technical and business innovation and readiness levels need to merge and connect to benefit stakeholders.

Tim Jaeger

Tim Jaeger | Customer Area Head, Provider Insights | Roche Information Solutions

Tim is a driver of Medical, Digital and Business Leadership at Roche, passionate about advancing the future of healthcare with new digital solutions and commercial models towards more patient-centric, data-driven and value-based approaches

Daan Dohmen

Prof. Daan Dohmen | Professor Digital Transformation in Healthcare | Entrepreneur | Luscii Health Tech BV

Daan is a serial healthcare entrepreneur, investor and scientist in digital health. Having achieved PhD cum laude on implementing ehealth, he founded his first company that developed smart technology for over 130.000 elderly to stay independent. Recently, he started Luscii, the fast-growing, AI-driven remote patient monitoring platform that is launched in seven countries in Europe and Africa with over 25 million registrations. Daan is also a professor on digital transformation in healthcare, an advisor to the Dutch government and best-seller author of GREEN ON describing a completely new way of organizing companies, based on the principles of the Special Forces.


Grahame Grieve-1

Grahame Grieve | Principal | Health Intersections Pty Lts

Grahame leads a global community that creates IT solutions to improve people’s healthcare. As “the Father of FHIR”, Grahame architected healthcare’s best shot at data interoperability when he founded HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), the leading healthcare data exchange standard of the future. Grahame travels around the world physically and virtually to advise governments, vendors and care providers about all aspects of interoperability. He was on the list of 15 Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars to Know and has won many awards for his contributions to the digital health community.

Steven Hamblin-2

Dr. Steven Hamblin | CEO | Dyad

Steven brings vast technical experience to the field of AI. As Chief Operating and Technology Officer at Sensyne Health he was responsible for building and supporting the operations, people and technology underlying the company's digital health software products and Clinical AI ventures in the area of biomedical research and drug discovery. Prior to joining Sensyne Health, Dr. Hamblin co-founded a start-up developing audio signal processing and machine learning solutions for at-home pneumonia progression detection. In 2015, he joined Babylon Health where he built the team and architecture for Babylon's AI clinical decision support and machine learning solutions. Today, as CEO of Dyad, Steven helps healthcare payers and providers build trust in their data by improving quality at the source with tools driven by semantic AI technologies, unlocking solutions across a suite of use cases including clinical data enrichment, risk adjustment, chronic condition management, and more.


Petros Kotsidis-2

Dr Petros Kotsidis | Chief Data Officer | Fitfile

Petros is the Chief Data Officer at FITFILE, a health data technology company with patent-pending technology that fully anonymises and then connects any individual’s data, and the single-minded purpose of transforming the scale and value of health data usage. Petros has been working with data long before data became fashionable. A great part of his career was dedicated to transforming data and analytics for, or on behalf of national, regional and local NHS organisations, with small interludes across a range of other sectors such as consultancy, publishing and aviation. He is passionate about protecting individuals’ rights and privacy, in a world where data sharing is an absolutely necessary and life-saving endeavour..

Mark Emerton-2

Dr. Mark Emerton | Chief Medical Officer | Healthcare Business Solutions UK

Healthcare Business Solutions is a disruptive innovator whose vision is to deliver QBC (Quicker, Better, Cheaper) than anyone else on the planet, MSK Triage as well as Tele-Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Orthopaedic solutions. Mark has helped to co-create HBS's "Virtual Lucy", an expert Digital Triage Application that supports patients from referral through assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Virtual Lucy represents a true pathway re-design for Virtual clinics.


Kimon Angelidis-2

Dr. Kimon Angelidis | Executive Chairman & CEO | FemTec Health

Femtec Health delivers personalized care for every woman across every stage of her life, bringing all aspects of women’s health into one platform. At the heart of Fentec is a  patent-pending AI platform BiomeAI™ that covers all aspects of therapeutic health including specialty and chronic care, mental health, wellness and prevention, sexual wellness, and reproductive health. In order to create a personalized healthcare profile, the platform uses various static and dynamic data inputs such as medical history and diagnoses, menstrual cycles, and psychosocial factors. 

Tito Franchetti

Tito Franchetti | Senior Manager Operations | Eurocross Assistance

At Eurocross, a division of Achmea, Tito has been responsible for the New Skycare project, that aims to establish the first pan-European virtual hospital, supporting patients and care providers through telemonitoring and remote medical assistance. New Skycare's goal is (1) bringing care to the comfort of the patient’s home, where they have access to their data and remote access to health professionals, and (2) relieving the pressure on health care providers by shifting the monitoring to a 24/7 Medical Service Centre, which contacts the patient and health providers when necessary. 

Hanne Horvath

Dr Hanne Horvath | Founder and VP Business Development | HelloBetter

HelloBetter is the emergent category leader in the field of digital therapeutics (DTx) for mental health disorders and a global pioneer in the field of digital mental health research. HelloBetter's products are scientifically validated (33 randomised-controlled trials) DTx covering a broad range of mental health disorders such as depression, insomnia, burnout, panic, chronic pain and more.

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