iFHP Study Tour | Tel Aviv, Israel

Monday 20 November - Thursday 23 November 


Israel's health system has long attracted global interest due to its blend of unique funding models, cutting-edge digital technologies, and emphasis on research, prevention, and collaboration. During the study tour, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the strategic use of technology, pioneering research initiatives, and preventive care practices that have contributed to Israel's remarkable success. The group will spend time with leaders from companies including:

* Maccabi Insurance

* Clalit Innovation

* Check Point 

* ARC Sheba Hospital

* Deloitte Catalyst and their cohort of companies

The full agenda PDF can be viewed here. The group will be staying in the Market House Hotel which is located in the historic Jaffa area of the city. The programme involves 4 nights in Tel Aviv (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday), with each day's programme, transport (exc airport), dinners and hotels all included in the fee of £1895.00.  

Simply complete the form below to let us know you are attending and your requirements. Additional nights at the Market House Hotel are 950 NIS ($385 Aus Dollars/€235) for those wishing to arrive before or extend.  

If you are unable to attend, substitutions are permitted. 50% cancellation fees will be charged after 1 September 2023.


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